Expanding Spirituality Through Movement

The following workshops are designed for adolescent and adult participants and are appropriate for groups from 400 to 4. They range in time from one hour to two days. As with all of Angelina Richter’s work, each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the specific population. 

Discovering Delight Through Movement

Conscious Change ..The Musical

The Masked Journey


A refreshing experience in which we move, dance, laugh and celebrate being fully alive. This relaxed workshop combines the elements of creative play with music, moving and the appreciation of our unique selves.

Drawn from a variety of styles our practice explores many themes; expanding vitality, creativity, rejuvenation, joy and the integration of body, mind and spirit. Sessions will explore our profound connection to the earth and the power of music and dance as a conduit to the divine. 

 This workshop combines knowledge from Yoga, Creative Dance, Improvisation, Masks and Drama with spiritual practice from many traditions. We will use music and dance to connect with our authentic, joyous self and share an exhilarating experience with other participants.      

Conscious Change . . . The Musical

Using the 7 steps of Conscious Change outlined in Where Two Worlds Touch, by Gloria Karpinski we will explore movement and music that can illuminate our understanding of our journey from Form to Surrender. We will be dancing through our journey, through the aspects that have challenged and helped our ongoing transformation.

What we have learned is that conscious change is an on going process. The process moves through stages of change. Various aspects of our held beliefs that do not fit our evolving self come up for examination. 

In our life journey we can choose to change aspects of our belief system that limit us. Often these are beliefs that block knowing the beautiful expanded consciousness that is available to each of us.

The 7 Steps of Conscious Change







Surrender characterized by synthesis and integration

My appreciation to Gloria Karpinski for sharing her wisdom and knowledge with me.

The Masked Journey
A two-day maskmaking & personal empowerment workshop with Bea Joy Borden and Dr. Angelina Peggy Hunt Richter


Dr. Angelina Peggy Hunt is a professor at University of Hawaii, teaching classes in Masks, Ritual and Creative Dance and Drama. She has studied spiritual teaching from diverse disciplines, and is an Initiate in theSufi Healing Order. Angelina Peggy has practiced classic shamanic journeying with the Harner method for 9 years. On the Mainland, she was the artistic director for the UNCG Dance Touring Company (1987-92) which performed for over 100,000 children. As a dancer, mask maker, and environmental performing artist, Angelina Peggy is known in Hawaii for spectacular performances such as Dragon Quest, and Terrestrial Circus at First Night Honolulu.


Bea Borden has been leading workshops on spirituality and shamanism over a dozen years In Hawaii and on the Mainland. She is Hawaii Region faculty member for the non-profit educational Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She studied with Dr. Michael Harner since 1985, and is a certified Harner-Method Shamanic Counselor. Bea has traveled extensively In Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America, and studied spiritual healing practices of diverse peoples. She is a certified firewalking Instructor, Reiki Master, clinical hypnotherapist, and minister. Bea has a private counseling practice on Oahu.
THE SHAMAN AND THE MASK have been associated for millennia. Mask dancing, visions, songs and storytelling have traditionally been important components of the ceremonial life of our ancestors. Masks representing animals, nature spirits, deities, and aspects of human experience have been used in cultures throughout the world. The mask can be a powerful instrument of transformation.

IN THIS WORKSHOP we will use percussion instruments (drums, rattles, click sticks), toning and other vocal sounds in rituals of transformation. We will ask for a vision of a personal mask, and will then make the masks.

THE MASKED JOURNEY Is a multidimensional workshop. It is about spiritual healing, creativity, expression, and receiving our highest good. We will combine maskmaking, ritual, and journeying with our spirit guides to discover creative solutions to present challenges in our lives.

WE WILL DRUM & DANCE, and journey for a personal ritual, to be shown in detail how your mask is to be decorated and used. On Sunday afternoon, we will do the Power Dance of The Masks.

No previous experience in art, music, maskmaking, or dance is required.

Bring your drum or rattle, if you have one. Wear loose, comfortable clothing suitable for movement & working with art materials.

Space in the workshop is limited and pre-registration is required. Location directions will be provided to registered participants. Overnight accommodation at the park-like setting with wonderful old trees Is optional.

For more Information: Bea Joy Borden (808) 261-0028 or Angelina Peggy Hunt 864-704-8345
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