Dancing Earth Presents:

Residencies are composed of workshops that give students "hands-on" experiences that inspire cooperation, creativity, and understanding. Each workshop is designed to integrate with curriculum concepts and promote self awareness and self control.

Many residencies culminate in a performance that can shared with the PTO, or the rest of the school.

The Dancing Earth faculty bring many years of teaching experience for students in urban, rural, multiethnic, and multiply-challenged classrooms and studios. All workshops meet the National Standards for Arts Education, and are age-appropriate.

Dancing Through the Curriculum: This unique approach to curriculum integrates dance and movement and engages the students in exciting ways. Stimulating the learner’s multiple intelligences leads to greater understanding and retention. Using the elements of creative dance the child develops self-control and creative problem-solving skills. Each dance workshop is exciting and increases cooperation, self control, creativity, and listening skills.

Creative Drama: Pantomime, movement, characterization, improvisation, and story dramatization form the basis for students' exploration of drama. Theater games provide an engaging method for children to play with these elements while learning how to create their own stories and scenes.

Masks: Every student K-12 makes a successful, colorful mask from poster board. The masks depict animals and characters real and imaginary which can be displayed or used to dramatize literature.

Mask-Magic: Masks allow students to practice visual-art skills and then to combine them with movement and dramatic exploration. Each child creates their own mask and explores how to make the mask come to life with movement characterization and sound.

Giant Puppets: Appropriate for third grade and up, this workshop utilizes team work as groups of 6-8 students create a 10 foot tall puppet that walks and talks. Using recycled materials students negotiate the engineering, artistic, and performance problems posed by the creative process in giant proportions. Each workshop is tailored for your specific population and will integrate with your basic curriculum. As an arts curriculum specialist Dr. Richter and Dancing Earth bring a wealth of experience to each workshop.