Mask Making Workshop
Make an original mask from colorful poster board or paper mache'. This workshop can run for one hour to five hours depending on the mask process used.
Photo credit: Nancy Carol
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Maskmaking can be introduced in a 1 hour workshop or stretch to a 45 hour 3 credit University semester. All materials are nontoxic, inexpensive and often include recycled objects.

Paper Masks: This 1-3 hour workshop will focus on colorful poster board masks. The mask's features are created through sculpting the paper and contrasting the colors using the add-on method. Exciting for young children and adults each mask is a unique statement that can be used for performance or display.

Paper Mache: Paper mache workshops must span 24 hours to allow drying time. The workshop could take as little as two, two hour sessions with the masks formed over molds, or two, four hour sessions sculpting clay for the base. Giant masks using this technique will need at least 6-8 hours as a group project.

Potpourri: Globally masks have been made of every material imaginable from mud, metal and straw, to leaves, trees, cloth and precious stones. This workshop explores a variety of materials.
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