The following workshops are drawn from Dr. Richter's twenty-eight years of teaching in school, university, and community settings. 

Each workshop will be customized to fit your population and curricular needs.

Improvisation and Creative Process

Exploratory workshops for adults using creativity in Theatre and Dance.
Creative Dance, Drama, and Masks For Children

Children have an abundance of creativity which can be developed through the arts. Workshops in creative drama, creative dance, and masks allow the child to explore all the arts and integrate them with music.
Mask Making

Make an original mask from colorful poster board or paper mache'. This workshop can run for one hour to five hours depending on the mask process used.
Mask Magic
Masks + Movement = Magic
Making masks and using movement to bring them to life or create a full character with vocalization, movement, story, and costume. This workshop can be done on a modest scale or a larger residency culminating in performance.
Expanding Spirituality Through Movement
These workshops focus on integrating body mind and spirit for personal growth and empowerment.   The workshops range from connection and delight to inner journeys for conscious change.
Workshops for every age group are available in dance, drama, and mask work. The workshops are tailored to the needs of each population including people with disabilities. Each workshop's curriculum meets State and National Arts Education standards.
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. Masks In Motion . Improvisation and Creative Process
. Performance for Young Audiences . Creative Dance, Drama, and Masks For Children
. Giant Spectacle: Dragon Quest . Mask Making
. Site-Specific Performance: Dunes and Woods, Mountains and Meadows . Mask Magic
. Theatrical Performances . Expanding Spirituality Through Movement
. Community Based Performances . Workshop Photo Gallery
. Performance Photo Gallery . Giant Puppets