Angelina Turtle Dreams imagePeggy Hunt Richter's "Turtle Dreams", a wonderfully effective piece of theatre using a scrim and seven dancers in bio-luminescent turtle suits that will have you literally swimming out of the theatre with a smile on your face"
Honolulu Advertiser (Turtle Dreams)
"Its not often you'll find an event containing such a unique mix of artistic media and in such grand proportion. So if you are looking for a theatre event the whole family can attend grab some seat cushions and sun screen and head for Andrews Amphitheater"
Honolulu Advertiser (Dragon Quest)

"The magnitude of effort and talent that went into this production is phenomenal-technically logistically and artistically- and the cast performs with energy and generosity."
Honolulu Advertiser (Dragon Quest)

" The outdoor element-no proscenium, just a canopy of sky and clouds- gives the show a spirit of freedom and provides the stilted characters ... unbridled space to flex and move."
Honolulu Advertiser (Dragon Quest)

"There's plenty of visual action- and reaction- for younger folks, who likely will cherish the spectacle of natures creatures in larger than life proportion." "And" said Richter, "lighting is by God"
Honolulu Advertiser (Dragon Quest)
"Chilling Queen and dazzling costumes make for heart warming holiday performance"
Honolulu Star- Bulletin (Snow Queen)

"It is a fairy tale but in the hands of director Peggy Hunt it is also a spectacle of elaborate costumes and a glowing set"
Honolulu Star- Bulletin (Snow Queen)
"Dance Presentation is more than enjoyable... The show went deeply, personally ...and after the shout we were, all of us, smiling."
Muskegon Chronicle (Dunes and Woods)
Movement Design for Theatre
"But it's the physical concept behind the staging that lifts the production and gives it wings..Stylized movement design by Angelina Peggy Hunt combines tai chi with slow motion pantomime, real and spiritual fight scenes, Chinese Opera fight choreography and a visually stunning earth quake sequence."
Honolulu Advertiser ( Honolulu Theatre for Youth, Dragon Wings)

"But the play could not manage with out the evil forces of the kung-fu dancing cyblins, choreographed by Peggy Hunt"
(Ka Leo, D-Force)
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