Dancing Earth Presents:
Masks in Motion

Featuring: Sherone Price, Danah Bella and Angelina Peggy Hunt Richter.
Masks are revealed as this dynamic trio combines African, jazz, modern and world dance. The show is an engrossing combination of masks, dance and physical theater that explores tolerance through stories from around the globe. Audience participation is an exciting aspect of the performance and includes every student in an exciting interactive experience.

The array of characters, both human and animal, comic and thoughtful reveals our interconnection and has audiences laughing, engaged and thinking. This performance extends the realm of dance to include storytelling, costumes, masks, music and presents an excellent fully produced experience for each student. A fast paced performance with colorful costumes, cool moves and important stories this production captivates students and inspires their teachers.

The three performance artists have performed separately and together across the nation and in many parts of the world. The history of Dancing Earth includes performances for over 300,000 school students in North Carolina, Michigan, Hawaii and in theaters and festivals through out the US, in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Micronesia and Finland.
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