Creative Dance, Drama, and Masks For Children Workshop
Workshops for children are based on an understanding of developmental and educational theory combined with experience with hundreds of classes in urban, rural, multiethnic, and multiply challenged classrooms and studios. All classes meet the National Standards for Arts Education.

Creative Dance: Using the elements of dance to explore movement the child finds self control and creative problem-solving skills. Classes can reflect thematic material or concrete images and are useful in curriculum integration. Dance education uses problem-solving and the creative process to integrate choreography, improvisation, and technique.

Creative Drama: Pantomime, movement, characterization, improvisation, and story dramatization form the basis for children's exploration of drama. Theatre games provide an engaging method for children to play with these elements while learning how to create their own stories and scenes.

Mask-Magic: Masks allow children to practice visual-art skills and then to combine them with movement and dramatic exploration. Each child creates their own mask and explores how to make the mask come to life with movement characterization and sound.   

Classes can be for teachers, childern, and/or parent/child. Each class is tailored to the population's needs and will support integrating the arts in the basic curriculum. As an arts curriculum specialist Dr. Richter and Dancing Earth bring a wealth of experience to each Youth Theatre and Dance workshop.

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. Masks In Motion . Improvisation and Creative Process
. Performance for Young Audiences . Creative Dance, Drama, and Masks For Children
. Giant Spectacle: Dragon Quest . Mask Making
. Site-Specific Performance: Dunes and Woods, Mountains and Meadows . Mask Magic
. Theatrical Performances . Expanding Spirituality Through Movement
. Community Based Performances . Workshop Photo Gallery
. Performance Photo Gallery . Giant Puppets